There is love…and there is LOVE…

Blue rose

Is being in love and loving someone the same? My friend Kathy asked me.
This is perfect, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner February is a great month to talk about love.

I thought long and hard, and my answer is no, being in love and loving someone are not the same.  Let me share my thoughts with you…

I know there is a scientific explanation of hormones being released into our nervous system, making us feel good, supposedly equivalent to eating large amounts of chocolate. I’m all for the chocolates and love.

Being in love is a feeling we get when the relationship is new. Loving someone is when the falling in love wears off and the new feeling takes its place. They are different, but in my humble opinion both equally important.

I also believe there are few different types of love. We love a partner differently than we love a child or a parent or even a friend, but that is not what I was thinking about when I chose a title for this post. There are two types of love worth living for.

A first love, usually during teenage years we find that first person, boy or girl, that makes our knees go weak, our heart race and that person is all we can think about. I blame teenage hormones for the lack of concentration, but in truth, first love is the stuff of legends and best love stories ever written “Romeo and Juliet” “Tristan and Isolde” noted first is a tragedy, still that kind of love is what moves the world. First love stays with us forever, the freckles, the long dark lashes, the square jaw and the most brilliant eye color. Hopelessly romantic, most of us have tendency to make it ideal.  Be as it may without it and the heartbreak it brings, we could never grow as people.

The second love, is the mature love of adulthood. This love is mature and wonderful. It is love that gives us strength to commit to a person for better and worse, to share everyday life, to have a child and forever tie their lives. It is love guided not by hormones (although sometimes it feels like it) but by trust, understanding, and the need to share all of the wonderful things life brings our way.

Only some of us are fortunate enough to fall in love and stay with that person long enough for the mature love to bloom. I hope you will experience them both, as they are truly wonderful.
So my dear Kathy, you can be in love with someone and love them at the same time.
Until next time,


~ by eveajamesauthor on February 5, 2013.

One Response to “There is love…and there is LOVE…”

  1. I love this ❤ Thank you so much for sharing! And I agree – perfect timing!

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