Love Letters. To Write or…Not to Write?

Love letters write them or not…

Hell yes, is my answer.  Watch the movie “Beastly”, bonus comes in a form of two leading actors, the lovely miss Vanessa and handsome, very sexy Alex.  There was a great part about writing love letters.  Let me add my own thoughts… but before feast your eyes.  


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Love letters are an ancient art of expressing our feelings.  In my day, way before we had email.  Yes for those of you whose mouths just dropped, there was a time without IMS, txt and emails, (and not that long time ago) I wrote few. 

Love letters are wonderful way of expressing feelings.  They are almost instinct art and what a shame.  Sitting in a room I open a box of old love letters.  Some are written on beautiful paper, some even in red ink, with hearts.  I read few, and smiled. 

Reluctant to admit I almost threw them away.  After a breakup or just growing apart they didn’t feel important, and then my mom stepped in.  I can hear her as if it was today…

“One day you will read them and smile at the past” I hate to say–she was right.  There was one in particular that reminded me why I couldn’t live in the world without love letters.

Love letters remind us what others see in us, what parts of our personality are the most attractive and what makes others gravitate toward us.  From the words scribbled across only paper you could find, while at work, to the poems on scented pages, love letters lift our hearts. 

It matters not what and how they are written, but what they say about you and how they make you feel.  Let those fingers fly across the pages, use a real pen, not the computer.  Be cautious however, make sure when you are giving your written words, you are prepared to share them with the world and everyone that person knows, as there is no such thing as privacy.  Make sure the given trust is to the person that is worthy.  

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One Response to “Love Letters. To Write or…Not to Write?”

  1. I remember writing a alot of my own. ( back in the day) What a wonderful post my friend. Reading this took me back. I was shaking my head at the memories of the past.

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